Margarita Machine Rental Lakeland

Assorted frozen drinks in Lakeland FL.

Welcome to Margarita Monkey, where we proudly serve the Lakeland FL area with the best in margarita machine rentals.

Order Your Margarita Machine Rental

We make it easy to rent your margarita machine and you can in fact do it all online. Just click on the “Reserve Your Rental” link to get started. Then all that you need to do is enter in what you need, the date you need it  and your event location.

The system will give you a price down to the penny and if you like it, just select “Book This Event”. Then you can sign your contract, pay your deposit and you are all set. You will get a confirmation email and later a reminder email.

The day before your event, we will then contact you with a short one hour delivery window.

On the day of your event, we will then call or text when we are en route to your location. Once there we will set up your machine, explain how to use it and even mix your first batch. All that you need to do is enjoy the party.

At the end of the night, just shut the machine off, you do not even need to clean it. We will return the next day and pick it up.

A recent margarita machine rental in Lakeland

About Your Machine Rental

We will provide a double bowl margarita machine rental in Lakeland made by one of the best known names in the restaurant industry. These machines have the power to work all day in the Florida heat. Like all frozen drink machines, just be sure to keep them in the shade.

Your rental price will include the machine, a stainless steel service cart with skirt, 50 cups and 50 straws.  Delivery and next day pick up is always included in the price. Drink mixes are just $15 a piece and serve between 70 to 80 eight ounce servings.

As far as frozen drinks go, you can choose between the following favorites.

  • Margarita Gold
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Pina Colada
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Peach Bellini
  • Hurricane
  • Lemonade

All mixes can be served with or without alcohol.


Common Rental Questions

Hopefully we have answered all of your questions about getting a margarita machine rental in Lakeland. If not, here are some more of the common questions.

  • What Area Do You Service?
    We can provide a margarita machine in Tampa and most surrounding areas.
  • When Will I My Machine Arrive?
    You will be contacted the day before your rental with a one hour delivery time. The time will be at least 2 hours before your event starts.
  • Do I Have To Use 2 Flavors?
    No, one mix is enough to fill both sides of the machine.
  • Can I Move The Machine?
    No, margarita machines must be left where they are set up.
  • What Else Do We Rent?
    Currently we also offer table and chair rental in the Lakeland area.
  • Do The Machines Work Well Outside?
    Yes, our machines work very well in the Florida heat as long as they are kept in a shaded location. When temperatures exceed 95 degrees, an inside location is recommended.
  • How Many Mixes Do I Need?
    It really depends on the group. Each mix makes 60 to 70 servings and not everyone will drink the frozen drinks if you are serving other kinds of alcohol. 1 mix per 15 people is usually enough.
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